Headquarter How To Reach Us

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Re-insurance Department
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sectors
(+202)33368442 (+202)74855255 Mr. Sherif El Ghamrawy
IT Department
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration
(+202)37621759 (+202)37621758 Mr. Wael Tharwat
Vehicle Issuance General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Nadab Director of Public Administration
ayman_walee@sci-egypt.com (+202)33365164 (+202)33365164 Mr.  Ayman Walee
Vehicle Compensation General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration
yasser_elprince@sci-egypt.net (+202)37602734 (+202)33365164 Mr.  yasser elprince
Compulsory Vehicle General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Nadab Director of Public Administration
Suez95@sci-egypt.com (+202)37602734 (+202)37602734 Mr.  Yasser El Prince
Maritime Transport General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration
cargo@sci-egypt.com (+202)37602258



Mr. Tarek Qadry
Maritime Transport General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration



Mr. Tarek Sanad
General Accidents General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration



Mr.  Essam Al-Sayed
Deputy Accident Compensation General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Director of Public Administration
h.abdin@sci-egypt.com (+202)33355194 (+202)33355194 Ms. Hoda A'bdeen
Engineering, Petroleum and Special Risks Insurance General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration
(+202)33386353 (+202)37602946 Ms. Mosheira Maamoon
Engineering Compensation General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration



Mr. Hatem A'ttia
Marine Hull General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration
ayman_nasef@sci-egypt.com  (+202)37620358 (+202)33355219 Mr. Ayman Nassef
Medical Insurance General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Nadab Director of Public Administration
(+202)37494588 (+202)37492018 Mr. Ahmed Fekry
Medical Insurance General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Nadab Director of Public Administration
ahmedabdelkarim@sci-egypt.com (+202)37494588 



Mr. Ahmed Abd El Karim
Fire and Burglary Issuance Assistant General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of General Department for fire and burglar insurance regulations


Mr. mohamed hassan fargly
Fire and Burglary Compensation General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of General Department of Fire Compensation and Robbery
a.hanafy@sci-egypt.com (+202)33355258 (+202)33353065 Mr. Ayman Hanafy
Administration Affairs Assistant General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Director of the Department
sadeksami@sci-egypt.com (+202)37492011



Mr. Sadeq Sami
Training General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Director of the Department


(+202)37492674 (+202)37492732 Mr. Mohamed El Sawy
Technical Office Deputy Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Director of the Department
Saharelwakeel@sci-egypt.com  (+202)37601053 (+202)33366420 Ms. Sahar Al-Wakeel
Legal Affairs General Manager
E-mail Fax Telephone Head of Sector - Director of Public Administration
heshambahaa@sci-egypt.com  Mr. Hesham Bahaa


Administrative Annex-Comprehensive Vehicle Division- Compulsory - Comprehensive Compensation 

Administrative Annex
Address Fax Telephone
NO:20 Ahmed Khalaf street - City officers - Dokki


Greater Cairo Branches

Cairo Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:114 Tahrir St., Dokki, Giza



Branch Manager

Mr. Emad Moawad

Email cairo@sci-egypt.com

Heliopolis Triumph Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:2 Sayed Abou Shadi St. Triumph Sq., Heliopolis, Behind Lycée Al-Horreya School


Branch Manager

Mr.Ahmed Abbass
Email teriumf@sci-egypt.com

Heliopolis Al-Ahram Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:15a Al-Ahram St., Heliopolis


Branch Manager



Mr.Ehab Al-Tarabani

Email  alahram@sci-egypt.com

Shobra Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:17 Dolitian st. First Floor El-Khalafawy square- Shobra


Branch Manager


Mr. Raddi Abdel-Atty


Email  shobra@sci-egypt.com


Sixth of October Branch
Address Fax Telephone

Al Mehwar Al Markazi - Silver Mall - Next to City Escape - Floor 4 - Unit 2


Branch Manager

Mr. Mahmoud Regaal


Email  6october@sci-egypt.com

Executive Business Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:4 Ibn Al Waleed St, Ibn A'ffan Sq, Dokki


Branch Manager


Mr. Saif-eddin Ibrahim 

. (+202)33360682

Email  regalalamal@sci-egypt.com


10th of Ramadan Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:11 Bldg, 2  Jordan Investment Project  


Branch Manager

Mr. Sameer Abo El'ela

(+2015)3639393  (+2)010163928

Email  10RAMADAN@sci-egypt.com

Messadaq Branch

Address Fax Telephone

NO:5 Messadaq Branch, Dokki, front of El Zeraeyeen Hospital 

(+202) 33365289

Mr. Gamal Saad Zaghlol


Email  mosadak@sci-egypt.com



Nobar Office

Address Fax Telephone

NO:49 Nobar St.  Bab El Louk, Cairo



Branch Manager

Mr.Mohamed Abdel-Aty

Email Noubar@sci-egypt.com

Down Town Branch

Address Fax Telephone

NO:27 Talat Harb St, Seket El-Fadl Entrance

(+202) 23917684

Branch Manager

Mr. Elsayed Abd El-Hameed Elsayed Moussa


Email downtown@sci-egypt.com


6 October Office

Address Fax Telephone

NO:97 Block, 5th Industrial District, 325 Kilo El-Wahat st.



Mr. Al-Sayed Abdallah Aly Ghazi

Email 6octoberoffice@sci-egypt.com

Lower Egypt Branches

Banha Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:2 Saad Zaghloul St., Banha, Al-Qalyubiyah

(+2013)3261131 (+2013)3256352

Branch Manager


Mr.Sherif Al-Nahhal  

Email  banha@sci-egypt.com


Zagazig Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:91 Saad Zaghloul St., in front of Governorate Bldg

(+2055)2349281 (+2055)2309391

Branch Manager


Mr. Hatem Foaad Saied Ahmed

. (+2055)2314100

Email  zakazek@sci-egypt.com


Shebin El Kom Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:5th Floor, Al Qaothar Tower, Sharaf Sq

(+2048)2223271 (+2048)2232336

Branch Manager


Mr. Emad-eddin Abdel-Hamid Ismail

. (+2048)2232336

Email  shebeen@sci-egypt.com


Tanta and Mahla Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:37 Abd El-Halim st.- El-Saraya Building InFront of Tanta Telecom Centre

(+2040)3348896 (+2040)3359379

Branch Manager


Mr. Hani Salah

(+2040)3337932 - (+2)01001639392

Email tanta@sci-egypt.com


Al Mansoura Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:35 Al Geish St

(+2050)2310480 (+2050)2312193

Branch Manager



Mr. Magdy Mokbel Mohamed Sobh    


Email  mansoura@sci-egypt.com


Kafr El-Sheikh Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:6 Etihad Molak 25th January-Salah Salem Street,Third Floor


Branch Manager






Alexandria Region Branches

Alexandria  Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:539 B El Horreya Rd., Glim

(+203)35836783 (+203)35820589

Branch Manager


Mr. Adel Khalil Ibrahim

Email   adelkhalil@sci-egypt.com

Al  Ameriya Branch
Address Fax Telephone

Al Ameriya Free Zone

(+203)34481451 (+203)34542157

Branch Manager


Mr. Magdi Ali Hasan 


Email  amria@sci-egypt.com


Al-Azarita branch, Alexandria
Address Fax Telephone

27 Sultan Abdul Aziz St., Al-Azarita


Branch Manager



Mr. Adel Khalil Ibrahim

Email  alex@sci-egypt.com

Email smoha@sci-egypt.com

Damanhour Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:1 AL Samra St., Tawfiq Al-Hakeem Sq


Branch Manager

(+2045)3338560 (+2045)3310061  

Mr. Ashraf Al Hosainy


Email  damnhor@sci-egypt.com


Borg El-Arab Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:1 Ali Ibn Abi Taleb st.,Mogawra 6, Bui;ding No:20


Branch Manager


Mr. Ali Ahmed Ali ElHaggar



Canal and Red Sea Region Branches

Damietta Branch
Address Fax Telephone

New Damietta, the central area, above the pharmacy 19511, third floor

(+2057)2227116 (+2057)2227116

Branch Manager


Mr. Ayman Ahmed Mohamed EL-Refaei 


Email  domiat@sci-egypt.com


Ain Sukhna Port Branch
Address Fax Telephone

TEDA Chinese Company, Administrative Bldg., Sukhna Industrial Zone


Port Said Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:3 Orabi & Abou Al-Feda St., Shark District

(+2066)3322631 (+2066)3239621

Branch Manager


Mr. Abdel-Fattah Ibrahim Mesharafa

. (+2066)3335121

Email portsaid@sci-egypt.com


Ismailia  Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:144 Tahrir St., Ismailia,  in front of Governorate Bldg

(+2064)3916527 (+2064)3913199

Branch Manager


Mrs. Jihan Mohamed Abdel Fattah

(+2064)3913199 - (+2064)3921771

Email  ismalia@sci-egypt.com


Suez Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:325 Al Geish St., Al-Yasmin Tower

(+2062)3196640 (+2062)3192511

Branch Manager


Mr. Amgad Fwaaz


Email  suez@sci-egypt.com


Hurghada Branch
Address Fax Telephone

El-Nasr street next to El-Dahar Telecom,Hurghada

(+2065)3551412 -(+2065)3551414 - (+2065)3551416 - (+2065)3551417 - (+2065)3551419

Branch Manager


Mr. Gamal Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Galil

Email  hergada@sci-egypt.com


Suez Adabiya Office
Address Fax Telephone

The administrative building inside the public free zone in Al-Adabiya - Ataka


Branch Manager


Mrs/ Amjad Fawaz


Email  eladabiya@sci-egypt.com


Sharm El-Sheikh Branch
Address Fax Telephone

No.9 Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh


Branch Manager


Mrs. Magda El-Safty


Email  sharmelsheikh@sci-egypt.com


Damietta Port Office
Address Fax Telephone

Damietta Port, Investment Building, First Floor, Damietta


Branch Manager


Mr. Raouf Salem - Mr. Mohamed ElGhobary

Email  menadomiat@sci-egypt.com


Ismailia 2 Branch
Address Fax Telephone

Third Floor, El-Ashry Building, Shecin El-Kom


Branch Manager


Mrs. Magda El-Safty


Email  ismaliaoffice@sci-egypt.com



Upper Egypt Branches

Region General Manager
Mr. Safwat Ahmed Almehany Albarody
(+2088)2347777 ت
Menia Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:9 Al Gomhoria St., Palace Sq., Miami Center Tower

(+2086)2372498 (+2086)2372498

Branch Manager



Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Aziz

(+2086)2368995 - (+2)0102730131

Email menia@sci-egypt.com


Assiut Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:128 Al-gomhoria, Al Marwa Tower

(+2088)2303500 (+2088)2303500

Branch Manager

(+2088)23013600 (+2088)2303600

Mr. Safwat Ahmed Almehany Albarody

(+2)0101639258 -(+2)0101639259

Email  assut@sci-egypt.com

  (+2088)2303700 -(+2088)2303800

Sohag Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:87 Al Mahatta St., Al-Jazeeri Tower

(+2093)2333782 (+2093)2333781

Branch Manager

Mr. Hazem Sayed Abdel Baqi




Email  sohag@sci-egypt.com


Luxor Branch
Address Fax Telephone

First Floor in front of Luxor Security Directorate, Al Fairoz District

(+2095)2370394 (+2095) 2284886

Branch Manager


Mr. Mohamed Salah-Eddin Ibrahim Khashaba  

. (+2095) 2284886 - (+2)0101487552

Email  louxr@sci-egypt.com


Aswan Branch
Address Fax Telephone

Ali Eisa St., in front of Firaq Al-amn Buildings

(+2097)2311801 (+2097)2440089 - (+2097)2440087

Branch Manager



Mr. Tarek Eid


Email  aswan@sci-egypt.com


Fayoum Branch
Address Fax Telephone

NO:17 El Horreya, Al Knorniesh, Bandar El Fayoum

(+2084) 6314136 (+2084)6314137

Branch Manager



Mr. Taha Bahgat Moustafa Ismail

Email  tahabahgat@sci-egypt.com


Beni Sweif Branch
Address Fax Telephone

Borg ElQayoum-Mohamed Metwali ElSharaawi street


Branch Manager




Compulsory Vehicle Koshk Insurance

Branch The name Name of the manager Mobile E-mail
The main branch Unit Gomrok ElMatar Ahmed Abdullah 01147645254 manfaz909@sci-egypt.net
Unit ElQetae ElAam Nabil Hassan Younes 01092657939 manfaz910@sci-egypt.com
Unit ElTebeen Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed 01013931533 manfaz917@sci-egypt.com
Unit Nasr City Ahmed Hassan Zinedine 01148062924 manfaz923@sci-egypt.com
Unit Maadi Mohammed Shaker Mahmoud 01144160233 manfaz924@sci-egypt.com
Unit Nozha Mohammed Walid Ramadan 01127399161 manfaz925@sci-egypt.com
Unit ElHadaek Ahmed Ramadan Abdullah 01128040045 manfaz926@sci-egypt.com
Unit Abboud Ahmed Mahmoud Abdel Razek 01110749554 manfaz927@sci-egypt.com
Unit Basateen Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sayed 01065858542 manfaz928@sci-egypt.com
Unit Misr ElGdeeda Mohamed Ahmed Ali Ahmed 01148973891 manfaz929@sci-egypt.com
Unit Ain El Sira Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud 01027611772 manfaz930@sci-egypt.com
Unit Sherouk Mohammed Hassan Club 01117271843 manfaz931@sci-egypt.com
Unit Katameya Ahmad Assaad Awad 01287812545 manfaz932@sci-egypt.com
Unit ElAmeryah Ayman Hassan El-Baradei 01009222950 manfaz934@sci-egypt.com
Unit ElWaily Ali Sami Ali 01008291883 manfaz936@sci-egypt.com
Unit Hawamdia Islam Lutfi Sayed Abdel Maksoud 01110373708 manfaz938@sci-egypt.com
Unit Shubra Al Khaimah Khalid Munir Ahmed Ahmed 01287266983 manfaz966@sci-egypt.com
Unit Khanka Hussein Ismail Mustafa Ibrahim 01092475176 manfaz967@sci-egypt.com
Unit Hadaek ElAhram Mohammed Salameh Mr. Salama 01119951914 manfaz811@sci-egypt.net
Unit Helwan Mustafa Saeed Mohammed Tantawi 01019002250 manfaz970@sci-egypt.com
Unit NasrCity2 Tamer Wageeh Ahmed Shaltoot 01157530300
Unit Qatamya2 Ahmed Abd El-Razek Mahmoud 01110749554
Unit Arab Johayna ElSayed Hassan ElSayed Afifi 01147589933
Unit ElKodah Club Ahmed Abdallah Abd ElMoatmed 01147645254
Unit ElSalam Khaled Mohammed Mostafa 01000264681
Unit Sherouk2 Mohammed Hazem Kasem 01120931564
Unit Saloum1 Sahdy Mostafa Mahmoud Mohammed 01121434847
Unit Saloum2 Kamal Mohammed Kamal 01201249091
Unit ElSaff Mohamed Mahmoud Abd ElShafook 01142728315
Unit 6October Club Sayed Khairy Saadi Fawaz 01141970933
Unit Darasa Marwan Mohsen Mahmoud 01274809996
Unit Gezirah Emad Essam Abd ElQader 01007150004
Unit Mokattam Ahmed Ali Ahmed 01099757298
Unit Atabba Ayman Mostafa Abd ElGhani 01147157795
Unit Shorta Mahmoud Soliman Sayed 01099785683
Unit Dwiea Ismail Mahmoud Ismail 01155870422
Unit ElSawah Mahmoud Fathy Abd ElFattah 01156864622 manfaz970@sci-egypt.com
Unit Helwan 01019002250
Benha branch Unit Banha Reza Hejazi Abdel Razek 01009886103 manfaz950@sci-egypt.com
Unit Tookh Islam Mohamed Tawfiq 01111557553 manfaz951@sci-egypt.com
Unit ElBagoor Ibrahim Desouky Abd ElAziz 01020787678
Port Said branch Unit Port Said Mahmoud Youssef 01212358450 manfaz945@sci-egypt.com
Ismailia branch Unit Ismailia Tariq Atif Mustafa brave 01228878314 manfaz915@sci-egypt.com
Unit ElTal ElKabeer Mohamed Mohamed students 01000902254 manfaz935@sci-egypt.com
Unit Abu Souyer Mohiuddin Mahmud Muhammad 01011116540 manfaz992@sci-egypt.com
Unit Othmathon Ismailia Mahmoud ElZaher Haggag 01008077466
Unit Suez Canal Ahmed Ahmed Hosny Ahmed 01117502394
Zagazig Branch Unit Hehia Ahmed Mohamed Gamal 01286412089 manfaz803@sci-egypt.net
Unit Zagazig Mr. Mohamed Ramadan 01223884757 manfaz933@sci-egypt.com
Unit Deyarb Negm Mr. Mohamed El-Sayed 01000517558 manfaz942@sci-egypt.com
Unit Faqous Rueda Mohammed Issa 01285394693 manfaz943@sci-egypt.com
Mr. Ahmed Saleh 01007393388 manfaz943@sci-egypt.com
Unit Bilbes passage Mohammed Saeed Ahmed Abdul Khaleq 01288345635 manfaz946@sci-egypt.com
Unit Kafr Saqr Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Abdul Rahman 01025359735 manfaz979@sci-egypt.com
Unit Abu Hammad Mustafa Mohammed Hussein 01008040837 manfaz980@sci-egypt.com
Unit Zagazig2 ElSayed Mohammed Hossam ElDin 01000668855
Unit Menya ElKamh Raqi Talaat Abd ElMonsef 01028202347
Unit Abo Kbeer Mohamed Saeed Salah Mahmoud 01270821902
Unit Hosaynya Magdy Abd El Rahman 01025200046
Tenth of Ramadan Branch Unit Tenth of Ramadan Mahmoud Hanafi Tawfiq Saad 01019152775 manfaz940@sci-egypt.com
Suez Branch Unit Suez Amr Abdel-Salam Ghraib 01120728494 manfaz919@sci-egypt.com
Unit Naql Suez Mohammed Ghareeb Abd ElSalam
Hurghada Branch Unit Hurghada Mahmoud Salem Mohammed Ali 01008380013 manfaz916@sci-egypt.com
Alexandria Branch Unit Neqabet ElMohandessin manfaz806@sci-egypt.net
Unit Ibis Mahmoud Mttefy 01110411338 manfaz914@sci-egypt.com
Unit Muharram Bek Sara Mostafa Mohammad 01094042297 manfaz918@sci-egypt.com
Unit Burj Al Arab Mustafa Mahmoud 01116934460 manfaz939@sci-egypt.com
Unit Smouha Club Alia Ali Abdul Lallah 01228008018 manfaz948@sci-egypt.com
Unit Tosson Ahmed Amin 01003319195
Unit El-Agami Mohamed Fawzy Abd El Baki 01027579726
Unit Nady Smoha Aliaa Ali Abdallah 01228008018 manfaz948@sci-egypt.com
Damanhur branch Unit Abu Matamir Wael Ahmed Ali 01016615150 manfaz804@sci-egypt.net
Unit Kafr Al-Dawar Ashraf Ali Ahmed Mr. 01002239957 manfaz805@sci-egypt.net
Unit Damanhour Walid Ahmed Mohammed Fathi 01274085819 manfaz949@sci-egypt.com
Unit Desouk Mustafa Saad Eddin Ibrahim 01012151214 manfaz994@sci-egypt.com
Unit Sidi Salem Mohammed Adel Youssef 01229994626 manfaz995@sci-egypt.com
Unit Mahmodya Karima Zaki Jamaludin 01206322025 manfaz807@sci-egypt.net
Unit Kafr El-Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Gawad 01094547851 manfaz996@sci-egypt.com
Unit Delengat Ali Fathy Ali Abd ElSalam 01124900795
Unit Rasheed Emad Ahmed Ahmed Bayoumi 01017029517
Unit Hamool Mazen Mostafa 01000904131
Unit Badr Mohamed Fathy Ali 01091533142
Unit Itai ElBarood Mahmoud Hammad Mohamed 01006800704
Unit Kafr El-Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Abd El Gawad 01094547851 manfaz996@sci-egypt.com
Shebin Branch Unit Shebin Ahmed Mohamed Rabie 01008314729 manfaz937@sci-egypt.com
Bader Saeed Radwan 01061380455 manfaz937@sci-egypt.com
Unit Ashmoun Wajih Ahmed exclusive Shendi 01068142373 manfaz890@sci-egypt.com
Unit Mnoof Ahmed Mohamed Rabea 01008314729 manfaz941@sci-egypt.com
Tanta Branch Unit Besion Ismail Ibrahim Ismail 01022878910 manfaz908@sci-egypt.net
Unit Mahala Mohammed Abdel-Lifter 01119837570 manfaz920@sci-egypt.com
Unit Tanta Amr Mohamed Taha 01063806003 manfaz921@sci-egypt.com
Ahmed Ali 01090084097 manfaz921@sci-egypt.com
Unit Zefta Zaki Abdullah, Abbas 01003538779 manfaz981@sci-egypt.com
Unit New Tanta Mr. Zarif Islam Beauty 01203667715 manfaz984@sci-egypt.com
Unit Berket ElSabae Ahmed Abdullah 01094008183 manfaz808@sci-egypt.net
Unit Kafr El Zayat passage Alaa al-Sharqawi 01019785476 manfaz990@sci-egypt.com
Unit Kattor Ahmed Hassan Mourad 01094409542
Unit ElSanta Sameh Mohammed Farag Kharbosh 01226867605
Unit Samanood Mohanad Hesham Eissa 01286887977
Damietta branch Unit New Damietta Ahmed Magdy Saad 01004176152 manfaz997@sci-egypt.com
Unit Damietta Waleed Mohsen Abd El Aziz 01090022663
Unit Farskoor Abd El Rahman Mohamed Rashad 01012624640
Mansoura Branch Unit Mansoura Mohamed Yousry enacted enacted Kholi 01017920998 manfaz998@sci-egypt.com
Unit Senbalween Mohamed Tharwat Mostafa 01092964440
Unit Meet Ghamr Islam ElSaeed Ibrahim 01144057483
Unit Sherbeen Islam ElSaeed Mohamed Soliman 01099759291
Unit Belqas Osama Mohamed Arafat 01020652324
Unit Dakrans Ahmed Hassan Ahmed 01021559956
Unit Manzla Ahmed Mahmoud 01026264543
Assiut branch Unit Assiut University Mohammed Abdel-Hamid Ahmed 01098995487 manfaz954@sci-egypt.com
Unit Abu Tig Ismail Mohammed Abdel-Ghani 01112325353 manfaz956@sci-egypt.com
Unit Quseya Amr Maher Abdul Hafeez Attiya 01019322326 manfaz957@sci-egypt.com
Unit New Assiut Haitham Mohamed Abd EL Tawab 01099445555
Sohag branch Unit Tahta Khalid Mohammed 01145416603 manfaz944@sci-egypt.com
Unit Gerga Ali Hassan al-Hussein 01095172372 manfaz947@sci-egypt.com
Unit central Sohag Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud Sholkamy 01221016816 manfaz968@sci-egypt.com
Unit Kawthar Islam Ahmed Ibrahim 01010085212
Luxor Branch Unit Ras Gharib Sara Mohamed Mohamed Hamdan 01090860541 manfaz903@sci-egypt.net
Unit Luxor Ramadan Ali 01064938668 manfaz912@sci-egypt.com
Unit Esna Mohamed Mohamed Gad Dawy 01114088552 manfaz913@sci-egypt.com
Unit Qena Ahmed Gamal Eddin Hussein Abu Zeid 01060373316 manfaz922@sci-egypt.com
Unit Nagae Hammadi Hatem Abdel Qader Abdel-Raouf 01144673478 manfaz973@sci-egypt.com
Unit Qurna passage Mohamed Hassan 01008076090 manfaz999@sci-egypt.net
Unit Qena2 Ahmed Gaber Mohammed Ahmed 01009745814
Unit Sfaga 01099772706
Unit qurna Mahmoud Thabet Hussein 01008076090 manfaz999@sci-egypt.com
Aswan branch Unit Aswan Ahmed Mohsen Abdel-Latif 01226702821 manfaz974@sci-egypt.com
Unit Edfu Mohammed Omar Jamal Dawy 01121384495 manfaz975@sci-egypt.com
Unit Kom Ombo Awad Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ali 01123408149 manfaz976@sci-egypt.com
Unit Darwa Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar 01128820023 manfaz976@sci-egypt.com
Minya branch Unit Malawi Tarek El Sawy 01096921514 manfaz911@sci-egypt.com
Unit Maghagha Mostafa Ashraf 01115079263
Unit Samaloot Maged Malak 01278512008
Unit Abo Korkas Ahmed Mohamed Abd ElAzeem 01062229540
Unit Menya Mohamed Shawky Mohamed Youssef 01068901010
Unit Beni Mazar Mostafa Mahmoud Ahmed 01099839634
Fayoum Branch Unit Fayoum Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Mahmoud 01015650501 manfaz985@sci-egypt.com
Unit Etsa Mahmoud Ahmed Maher 01113985152 manfaz986@sci-egypt.com
Unit Tamiya Mohamed Adel Abdul Wahab 01157863955 manfaz987@sci-egypt.com
Unit Senoras Mohammed Abu al-Harith friend 01152089732 manfaz988@sci-egypt.com
Unit Beba Khaled Ezzat Ahmed
Unit Bani Sweif Hassan Sedik Shaaban
Unit Abshwai Osama Mahmoud Shaaban 01007989797
Unit ElAlaama Ahmed Samir Sayed Arafat 01129103888
Sharm ElSheikh branch Unit Sharm ElSheikh
Unit ElToor Fatima ElZahraa 01098119691