Comprehensive Vehicles Insurance

 The company undertakes to indemnify the insured against the loss and damage to the car which is insured and its parts in the following cases


Colliding and capsizing due to an accident - sudden mechanical breakdown

Fire, external explosion or auto-ignition

The intended act of the third party

During road transport, railroad transport, transit of the Nile river or transit of Suez Canal from a bank to other, inland river transport or sea transport (Aqaba Gulf ) in case of the geographical extension

Transferring by lifts or cranes including loading and unloading activities affiliated to the aforementioned transport works in the case of loss because of theft, burglary or damage caused thereof or starting in these activities, or the civil responsibility for the properties owned by third parties up to 10000 LE, the maximum of the third party's liability may be increased against additional premium which is demanded by the insured

The comprehensive vehicle pricing

Calculation of gross insurance premium for private vehicles
* Insurance Amount

Manufacturing Year





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Mr. Ayman Walee

Vehicle Issuance Department Manager

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