Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Department insures anyfloating vessel either in rivers, seas or oceans, whether fixed or movable. Marine Hull Dept. covers the vessel’s hulland its machines.

Coverage types in Marine Hull insurance

Cover the vessel during operation with annual policies (institute time clauses Hull or total loss only).
Cover the vessel for one trip from a place to another, whether it is towed or by its own power (the duration of the policy is the duration of the trip with a maximum number of days stipulated in the policy).
Cover the vessel during the building period (Duration of the policy is the entire construction contract).
Cover the ship repairers liability (the duration of the policy is the period of repair with a maximum of three months, or the completion of the repair or maintenance process with an additional premium for every 3 months).

Additional perils

Wars and Strikes
Increased Value
Freight risk

Types of vessels

Floating Hotels
Water & fuel tankers
Dry Docks
Yachts & Launches
Mechanical shipyard
Floating docks
Cargo ships
Research vessels
Passengers ships
Floating cranes
Supply vessels
River buses
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